Shore excursions from Alicante

Shore excursions from Alicante

We encourage cruise passengers who make a stopover in the port of Alicante to participate in any of our proposals.

For the cruise passengers who visit us, we have a list of excursions available that will allow them to better enjoy Alicante or/and its province.

Cruise ships stopovers are usually short, hence the need to make the most of your time by participating in one of our tours. All activities are aimed at both groups and private services

It all depends on the preferences of each one. In some cases, it is possible to do the visit on foot and in others we have the need to hire some means of transport. 

We offer you the best: Visits in small groups and always with experienced guides who know how to adapt to the needs and profile of the participants. 

Please consult us if you need more information. Thank you

Visite Alicante

Guided Tour Alicante

There are more than 22,000 palm trees in Alicante city and many squares, gardens, walks, the Spanish Explanade is the ...
Elche visite accessible

Guided tour Elche

Elche Shore excursion Departure from the port of Alicante or from the port of Carthagene. Internationally known for its shoe ...
Barrage Guadalest

Guided Tour Guadalest

Shore excursion from Alicante (5 hours) Departure from the port of Alicante. Discovery of the hinterland, Guadalest is a small ...
Foto Ayuntamiento Murcia

Guided Tour Murcia

Murcie is a city of Arab origin located in one of the most fertile regions of Spain. Shore Excursion Murcia ...

There is no charge if the cruise ship cancels the stop in Alicante for circumstances beyond your control.